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Nutti Sdn Bhd was set up in 2013 by Ms. Ho Foong Heng and Mr. Tan Yen Yeow.

Foong Heng is a Chinese Physician by profession, while Yen Yeow is a Chartered Accountant. We are passionate about developing and sharing products that are natural, while also kind to the human body and the environment.​

Ms. Ho Foong Heng
Ms. Ho Foong Heng and Mr. Tan Yen Yeow
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Our passion brought us to Morocco – the only place where argan trees are abundantly found. Argan oil which is extracted from argan fruits, embodies all good things about a product – it is organic, very good for the skin and hair and its cultivation and production methods are environmentally friendly.

Nutti Natural Argan Oil was the first Nutti product, and is the flagship product. Since then, we have introduced various other products.

Our Philosophy

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